Crate Series

Jasper Morrison

The original Crate, based on the archetypal six-bottle wine case, prompted a hot debate about a design that was already available in its original form the world over. Did Jasper Morrison’s signature and the Established & Sons brand add enough? The answer has always been that this design is not specifically about the Established & Sons crate, Morrison was drawing our attention to the multi- functional characteristics of a design that we might already own.

True to Morrison’s well known and precise design language the crate emphases honest materials (solid pine), proportion and usability. ‘I wanted the Crate Series to give the impression they were home made, as if someone had the idea and then made it for themselves. So although it’s very well made it has an exaggeratedly visible construction.’ Jasper Morrison

Re-Made or Re-Imagined

Do you have one at home already?