Mauro Pasquinelli


Mauro Pasquinelli is one of Italy’s most prolific and respected chair designers. Born in Scandicci, Florence, in the 1930s, he had his first taste of furniture making as a child in the workshop of his carpenter father. After graduating from the Florence Art Institute in 1951, he won a series of awards, quickly establishing himself as a significant talent during a period when the Italian design industry was becoming a world leader. Designing more than 50 successful chairs, he became a staple name in the ‘Triangle of the Chair’, an area of north-eastern Italy near the city of Udine responsible for the design and manufacturing of a huge swathe of the world’s most successful wooden seating products. His pieces have regularly featured in exhibitions across Italy and further afield in Cologne, Chicago and Ljubljana. Now in his 80s, he is still designing in Scandicci, and his work is being revisited outside Italy through his collaboration with Established & Sons.

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