London Design Festival 2013

Established & Sons is delighted to announce an artistic collaboration with London designer Faye Toogood during the London Design Festival. Faye has been invited to create an interactive installation at Established & Sons’ 6,000 square foot studio showroom. ‘The Conductor’ will allow guests to watch and control a rhythmic symphony of light played out on a giant circuit board of iridescent zinc passivated steel – an industrial material which has increased resistance to environmental factors. Echoing the graphic of an equaliser, 160 fluorescent bulbs, fed by intertwined wires and cables, light up in alternating sequences. The circuit is completed by the audience themselves, who can ‘conduct’ this electrical spectacle from the centrepiece switchboard or ‘Organ’; itself an array of intricately pigmented resin blocks and archaic-looking analogue toggles, which operate the light orchestra. The result is a macro-electronic display that redefines the notion of son et lumière.


Established&Sons_LDF2013_FayeToogood_Portrait_RoryVanMillingen_LR Established&Sons_LDF2013_FayeToogood_TheConductor02_RoryVanMillingen_LR