Surface Table

Terence Woodgate and John Barnard

Two Royal Designers for Industry, one from the world of furniture design, and one from the world of Formula 1 racing car design, collaborated to create the Surface Table, a super-slim composite table. A true engineering accomplishment, the incredible Surface Table uses state-of-the-art auto-sport technology to exploit the inherent rigidity and strength of carbon fibre. The 2mm thick edge and long span de es the eye with its improbable lightness and solidity. Radius corners, round legs, domed feet and rounded edges accentuate the slimness and seamlessness of the design.

‘With the Surface Table, the emphasis is on the reflective quality that the ultra thin black surface creates’ Woodgate was inspired to consider this aesthetic when he saw the original table compared to Richard Wilson’s extraordinary work 20:50 in Plain Space, the retrospective of architect’s John Pawson’s work by Alison Morris. 20:50 plays with viewer’s perceptions of space by perfectly reflecting an entire room in a smooth black mirror of sump oil. ‘The table being compared to a work of that importance made me realise that the reflection in the finish is extraordinary in its own right.’ Terence Woodgate

Black Tie

Dressed for dinner and ready to race