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Sebastian Wrong shares his thoughts on the super-sized Filigrana Cloud

FILIGRANA LIGHT C9 CLOUD 7346 Sebastian Wrong c2021 Establishedand Sons c Peter Guenzel Grey Background Below Detail Lit 01b 300dpi copy

Our successful Filigrana lighting range has expanded with 4 eye-catching cluster groups, a super-sized globe and a new blue colourway. The largest cluster, the Cloud, is a group composition of 9 Filigrana Lights effortlessly suspended below a minimal ceiling fitting. So named for its voluminous, billowing form that seems to float from above, this impressive feature delivers the social-media ‘must-capture’ moment that hospitality venues now seek. EST Journal catches up with Sebastian Wrong, Established & Sons Design Director and the designer of the Filigrana Light range.

Sebastian Wrong FILIGRANA LIGHT c2021 Establishedand Sons c Peter Guenzel Portrait 01 300dpi

EST We’ve seen the Filigrana Light in wildly different settings. Why do you think this light traverses all tastes?
WRONG Like a colourful, iconic handbag for a fashion conscious consumer, the Filigrana Light makes an equivalent type of statement, either connecting timelessly within its surroundings or being showcased as a pop-out accessory. It has a universal appeal that means it can sit in a very conservative, classic or super minimal, calm environment, but also equally well in a heavily decorated, maximalist space.

EST Who did you design the new Cloud composition for?
WRONG Grouping the various sized Filigrana together, into clusters, has resulted in a fantastical, kaleidoscopic type of installation. There is an element of this design which is quite psychedelic and trippy. For the person that sees it for the first time or the person that walks past it every day it’s an intriguing object that commands a second look.

FILIGRANA LIGHT C9 CLOUD 7346 Sebastian Wrong c2021 Establishedand Sons c Peter Guenzel Grey Background Lit 01c 72dpi

EST As the designer how is it special to work directly with a master glass blower?
WRONG We have a long-standing relationship with the glass blowing supplier, an Italian, family-owned business. They’re craftsmen of a very valuable, uniquely Venetian production process, dating back to the 16th century. The owner is a big fan of Established & Sons and was very encouraging and supportive of the expansion of this range. It’s so productive, to have a strong relationship between a design company and its manufacturer. It offers the freedom of expression and creativity to explore and push their limits. Using this close relationship, we were able to really test their boundaries, for example with the gigantic sphere which they thought might be too fragile, but in the end when it worked everyone agreed: ‘Wow, what a piece’.

EST There’s a captivating video of the master glass blower making the cand-striped shade. Are no two lights ever the same?
WRONG Part of its appeal is that each Filigrana Light has been hand-made, meaning every product is unique. This is especially noticeable when they’re grouped together; on closer inspection, you’ll realise that the lines are slightly irregular and freestyle, a detail to be appreciated. The behind-the-scenes process is fascinating. The symmetry of it, which is drawn into one singular point, is almost hypnotic. The resulting repeat pattern is very seductive to the eye.

EST What do you think makes Filigrana Light so popular?
WRONG The design has a lightness to it, a sort of optimistic joy. It brings a bit of quirkiness and fun, yet still manages to be very elegant and classic. It’s commercially successful because it appeals to a broad range of consumers who are interested in design, but also in decoration. It’s shamelessly decorative, and that’s very intentional. It competes well in a busy market because it’s immediately noticeable, drawing people to it and commanding a certain attention.

The Filigrana Light range is now available in five unique suspension lights and a table lamp, in five candy-stripe colour options. In combination the Filigrana Light is available in 4 group compositions with the option to commission bespoke designs for larger installations.

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