Wouter Scheublin: An introduction

Frame Chair is made from solid oak or beech and is available in oak veneer or grey.
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EST: For how long have you been designing?
Scheublin: I started designing during my studies. At first, this was at the Technical University of Delft, but it wasnít until I continued my studies at Design Academy Eindhoven that I started to find my path in design.

EST: Why did you become a designer?
Scheublin: I find it very satisfying to put creativity into products that people can use and surround themselves with.

EST: What inspires you?
Scheublin: I am intrigued by the way a mechanical instrument can trick us with it’s motorial language. Robot arms become living objects in our perception of the artificial world we created ourselves.

EST: Are there any distinct characteristics or motivations in your work?
Scheublin: Using mechanical parts, simple construction and beautiful materials gives us an insight into the workings and construction of an object and something to relate to our own physique. At the moment I am working on a series of chests with hinges and clamps. What is nicer than the feel of a rubber mounted wooden hinge that clicks in place?

EST: How would you describe your method of working?
Scheublin: I am a perfectionist. Once I’ve got my head around a design I go into the workshop and make models until it’s right. I can spend hours on details, which is not always very efficient, but in the end I hope it pays off.

EST: Do you find the most pleasure in the process or the final product?
Scheublin: I like it when ideas start to take shape and I can go into the workshop and make the first models.

EST: What are your future design ambitions?
Scheublin: To work with different materials and production processes and make richer products every time.

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